Step 1: Wrap the PEGiSAC around your waist and
fasten the vertical row of press studs. The small press studs inside the secret pocket should be uppermost and (for adults) the firm front of the pocket on the outside.
Step 2: Align the edge of the internal
secret pocket with your feeding tube.
Step 3: Coil the feeding tube keeping
it as flat as possible.
Step 4: Tuck the coiled feeding tube
into the secret pocket.
Step 5: Close the press studs.



For Children
Steps 1, 2 & 5 as above
Step 3: Place your feeding tube into the
mini-bag, coiled if necessary.
Step 4: Tuck the mini-bag into the secret
pocket keeping the firm side to the front.


Full pictorial instructions of how to use the PEGiSAC are given on the packaging.

PEGiSACs should be handwashed at 30 degrees and allowed to dry naturally laying flat.
(Full washing instructions are given on the packaging)